Solar Installers Near You: Part 2

solar panel installation
One solar installer on roof, carrying solar panel to put into place in Spanish Fork, Utah

The solar industry is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world, and the fastest of the renewable energy resources. Blue Raven Solar is excited to be part of the solar industry’s incredible growth, but we would not be here without our amazing customers across the nation.  


The first solar panel was manufactured in the mid-1950s, and it took the industry over 50 years to reach 1 million installations. In May of 2016, the industry finally reached that milestone, but we had no idea that in just three years we would reach 2 million installations, and the number is projected to double again to 4 million by 2023. 


Are you looking to join your neighbors?  


We might be the right solar installers in a city near you 


For Part 1 of this list (Arkansas-Minnesota), please click here. 

Missouri state location page banner preview


Similar to our installations in Kansas City, Kansas, our operations in Kansas City, Missouri are an exciting addition to our market. We are proud to help Missouri homeowners save money and help their state reach its goals for renewable energy production.  


The state ranks 35th in solar capacity, with enough to power 40,000 homes. Missouri is the 18th most-populated state in the country, so there are plenty of people who are still waiting to see how solar could benefit them. 


Like other states in the Midwest, Missouri is a wonderful place for solar energy because the panels are more efficient in the cold weather, and they tend to melt snow quickly. Winter is no problem for solar! 


Missouri has solar rebates and tax exemptions to increase savings, and local utility companies have state mandates to offer net metering policies – benefiting homeowners who produce excess energy, with these policies rolling from month to month instead of annually.  


Missouri has more to offer, and you can read about it here. 

Nevada state location page banner preview


Nevada experiences incredible amounts of sunshine, so expanding our operations here was a no-brainer. Our team in Reno is busy with installations every day and the state is 6th in the nation for solar capacity.  


Nevada will be requiring 25% of their energy sourced from renewable sources by 2025, but homeowners can see amazing savings while helping reach the state goal: in 2016, Nevada homeowners on average were quoted for 20-year savings of $26,000. 


$8.5 billion has been invested in solar installations in the state, and projections show 4,700 MW installed over the next 5 years. Installations come with incentives like net metering and tax credits. Homeowners will be credited on their electricity bills for any excess power they send into the grid, which will be automatically applied in their next billing period. 


Nevada is a great state and has amazing potential to continue to have clean, renewable energy as a dependable energy resource, and we are proud to provide a path to that.  


Do you live in Reno or in the surrounding areas? Request a free quote today! 

North Carolina state location page banner preview

North Carolina

You might be surprised to read North Carolina has one of the quickest growing solar industries in the nation.  


In 2015, there was $71 million invested in solar installations, which was a 157% increase from the previous year, and that growth has only continued exponentially. Over the next 5 years, the state is predicted to install 1,900 MW of solar capacity. Blue Raven Solar can be found facilitating the solar growth in Charlotte, Fayetteville, Greensboro, and Raleigh 


This growth can partially be credited to the state’s net metering policies: the three largest electric utilities in North Carolina are required to provide full net metering to their customers, meaning homeowners can sell back their excess energy at full value. This gives homeowners credit for their future monthly bills. North Carolina also has solar rebates from Duke Energy and residents are exempt from 80% of the increase in property tax. 


These three cities are part of an exciting moment in history, helping the country to be energy independent and cleaner for future generations. 


Are you located in one of the cities we service in North Carolina? Find out more about your state’s solar here. 

Ohio state location page banner preview


DaytonCincinnati, and Columbus are all homes to more Blue Raven Solar operations.  


With enough solar in the state to power over 109,000 homes, Ohio is ranked 25th in the nation for solar capacity, with 830 MW installed. Projections see over 5,800 MW being installed in the next 5 years. Solar is growing rapidly in Ohio, and we are happy to be part of it.  


Homeowners in Ohio can reduce their carbon emissions and save money through some of the great incentives, exemptions, and policies the state has to offer. 


Ohio has one of the best net metering policies. All utility companies are required to offer net metering to residential solar owners, and all excess energy produced by solar panels is carried over to the next month. After 12 months, if you still have excess energy production, Ohio is one of the only states that will reimburse you financially for those leftover credits. Ohio also mandates solar panel systems are exempt from sales tax, and in the cities of Columbus and Cincinnati, property taxes do not increase with the added home value. 


Want to go solar in The Buckeye State? You can read more about solar in your city and state, and if you have any questions or would like a free quote, contact us! 

Oregon state location page banner preview


Oregon is ranked 20th in the country for solar capacity installed, though over the last year, capacity has grown over 250%. The state currently gets only 3.15% of energy from solar, though there has been $1.9 billion invested in solar statewide. The goal is by 2040, 50% of the state’s energy needs will be fulfilled from renewable resources.  


Blue Raven Solar wants to help more homeowners in Oregon discover the benefits of solar energy in Portland, Salem, and Albany. 


Oregon’s net metering policies are month-to-month, so excess energy is credited to the following month’s utility bill. The state also offers solar rebates and property tax exemptions, and there is an Energy Savings Mortgage Incentive for new homeowners that will help them pay their mortgage for 120 days if they put solar on their roofs. 


Utility prices will continue to rise every year, and with the current incentives and tax exemptions, solar is an excellent idea in Oregon.  


If you live in Medford, Portland, and Salem learn more about solar in your area today. 

South Carolina state location page banner preview

South Carolina

Solar capacity in South Carolina has grown over 300% in the last year, and with decreasing prices and great tax incentives, there has never been a better time to go solar in Charleston, Columbia, or Greenville.


South Carolina is 14th in solar capacity and has enough solar installed to power 246,000 homes. Blue Raven Solar customers in South Carolina can save up to $50,000 over the lifetime of their system from saving on utilities combined with the state’s policies. 


The Palmetto State is one of the only states in the country to offer state tax credits along with the federal tax credit. The state credit covers 25% of the cost of your system and can be carried over for up to 10 years. Net metering policies also guarantee financial reimbursement for excess energy credits at the end of a 12-month period, applying them monthly to keep your utility bills low.  


South Carolina receives a great amount of sun and has even better solar policies.  


Do you live in one of the cities Blue Raven Solar operates in? Request a free quote from one of our solar experts today. 

Texas state location page banner preview


Blue Raven Solar recently found another city in Texas to call home: El Paso. Seeing success and happy homeowners in Arlington, Houston, Fort Worth, and Plano, we decided to bring the good news of solar energy to another city in The Lone Star State.  


The state is in 2nd place nationally for solar capacity with over 13,000MW installed. Industry experts predict almost 20,000MW to be added to Texas’s solar capacity over the next 5 years, but only 3.37% of the state’s energy comes from solar, and Blue Raven Solar wants to help increase the percentage. With rebates and incentives available, homeowners’ switch to solar is an easy decision. 


Texas does not have net metering policies like most other states, but most of the larger utility companies have their own policies for buying excess production from solar panels at near retail prices. Check with your utility company to see if you can benefit from their practices with solar owners. All panels are exempt from property taxes, and different utility companies offer rebates per watt of solar installed. 


To learn more about specifics in Texas, check out all our locations and contact a solar expert if you have any questions or concerns about going solar! 

Utah state location page banner preview


We have a special place in our heart for Utah, as it was where Blue Raven Solar was born and is where our corporate headquarters is located. Orem and Salt Lake City and their surrounding areas see hundreds of installations per month, helping to put the state at 12th in the nations for solar capacity.  


Utah draws 9.86% of its total energy consumption from solar, one of the higher percentages in the United States of America. There are over 57,000 residential solar installations and more amazing growth is predicted.  


Rocky Mountain Power, the largest utility company, buys back any excess electricity for slightly lower than retail price in exchange for credits that can be used during the winter, when the state is typically cloudier.  


Utah is another of the few states offering state tax credits for solar panel systems, allowing buyers to be eligible for 25% of the purchase and installation price of their system. The state also has solar easement laws so none of your neighbors will accidentally block the sunlight from your system with trees or other obstructions. 


The Beehive State is a great place to make the switch to solar, and Blue Raven Solar is ready to help you.  


Learn more by speaking to a solar representative. 

Virginia state location page banner preview


The Virginia Clean Economy Act of 2020 has a goal to have the entire state’s utility delivered power provided by renewable energy resources by 2045 by combining solar with wind power. As of 2022, only 3.99% of the energy is provided from solar, though the state ranks 9th in the nation for solar capacity.  


Over 24,000 homes in the state have gone solar, and if they were in Richmond or Virginia Beach, Blue Raven Solar was there. Virginia is for lovers of solar power! 


Solar owners in Virginia can benefit from statewide net metering laws, crediting excess energy monthly and buying back unused credits at the end of a 12-month period. Solar panel systems are exempt from property tax and have been since 1977, and along with the federal tax credit, the potential for savings is almost unparalleled. 


Are you a lover of solar power in Virginia Beach? Find out how you can benefit from making the switch to solar today.

Washington state location page banner preview


We are proud to be part of the solar movement in EverettRedmondSpokane, and Tacoma. Washington ranks 37th in the United States for solar energy and is ranked 38th for projected growth over the next five years, and we are excited to be part of bringing Washington into the future of energy. 


Home to 7.6 million people, only 0.35% of the state’s energy comes from solar. There is a massive potential for savings and clean energy reliance. Solar can save homeowners as much as $50,000 over the lifetime of their system, even in rainy Tacoma. 


Washington homeowners do not pay sales tax on their solar system, and the state has a net metering policy guaranteeing homeowners credits for their excess energy production. 


Every moment you don’t switch, you lose on potential savings, so the time to go solar in Washington is now! 

Blue Raven Solar installation van with ladders attached on sides and top

Blue Raven Solar

As one of many solar companies across the nation, Blue Raven Solar is proud to be part of the communities in so many cities. 


Our mission is to make homeowners’ lives better by reducing their energy bills, by increasing their reliance on clean and abundant renewable energy, and by providing a world-class customer experience through a reliable sales process and a speedy, high-quality installation.  


Join the movement!  


Solar is the future of energy. Today. 

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